Great Beer Links on the ‘Net

About Beer Active newsfeed.
Appellation Beer In search of the soul of beer.
Beer 100 Your place for all things beer.
Beer Advocate Probably the most active beer geek page out there.
Beer Books Your beer bibliography.
Beer Church Beer drinkers united for the benefit of mankind.
Beer Connoisseur Online version of the magazine.
Beer Cook Because beer is food.
BeerDorks Midwest craft beer news and views.
Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich Great resource for English-speaking Bavarian travelers.
Beer Festival Calendar for all that’s goin’ on around you.
Beer History American brewing history & culture.
Beer in the World For all the beer lovers in the world.
Beer Jockey Opinion and commentary with attitude.
Beer O’Clock Grand Rapids Fantastic local resource for happy hours, bars & pubs.
Beer Pulse Craft beer news.
Brew Bubbas Home brew guys.
Brew Hopping Guide to North American breweries & brewpubs.
Brewers Association The craft brew trade association.
Brian’s Belly Eat, drink & be heavy.
Craft Beer Celebrating the best in American beer.
Drink Craft Beer Events, homebrew, craft brews.
German Beer Institute A primer for German beer.
Get MADD providing information related to driver’s rights, DUI laws and the Anti-alcohol/Prohibition crusade.
History of Alcohol & Drugs Online historical resource.
Hoosier Beer Geek Indiana based craft beer blog.
I Think About Beer Fellow geek
Indiana Beer Beer guide for Hoosiers.
Madison Beer Review Blog covering Wisconsin and home brewing.
Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild Fine folks responsible for the Great Taste of the Midwest.
Michigan Beer Blog Beer, food and event in the Mitten.
Michigan Beer Guide Covering the Great Lakes State.
Michigan Brewers Guild Brewers association.
Modern Brewery Age Magazine serving the brewing industry.
Modern Drunkard I’m a subscriber.
Pete Brown Treating beer with respect since 2003.
Pink Boots Society For the professional brewer of the female persuasion.
Privat Braugasthöfe Association of small German breweries, brewpubs & accommodations.
Pro Brewer Resources for the brewing professional.
Rate Beer Exhaustive ratings of anything in the world that’s fermented.
Real Beer What part of beer don’t you understand?
Seek a Brew Distribution maps for many brands in the U.S.
Tasters Guild For better understanding of food & drink.
The Beer in Me News & message board based in Cajun Country.
Zythophile A blog for the beer lover.