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Scathing and brilliant column on the continued destruction of heritage brands under the ownership of ABInBev by one of the best beer blogs out there. You’ll find similar practices in some of their other brands also. These corporate schills have long admitted to being marketers, not brewers, so this is probably no great surprise. To them, the value in the Bass brand lies in its “sales potential,” however achieved, not its history.

Beware the Goose…


Bass pale ale labelThere are stupid marketeers, and there’s AB-InBev. The Belgo-Brazilians have decided to rename one of the oldest beer brands in Britain, Bass pale ale, a literally iconic IPA, as “Bass Trademark Number One”. It’s a move so clueless, so lacking in understanding of how beer drinkers relate to the beers they drink, I have no doubt it will be held up to MBA students in five years’ time as a classic example of How To Royally Screw Up Your Brand.

The move is predicated upon the red triangle that is found on every bottle of Bass pale ale, and on every pumpclip of the draught version, being the first registered trademark in Britain. The generally accepted story is that after the passing of the Trade Mark Registration Act of 1875, when applications to apply for trademark registration opened on January 1, 1876, a Bass employee was sent to wait overnight…

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