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In an odd bit of news, we find that Homer Simpson favorite, Duff, is actually now available authorized by Universal Studios.

What may be surprising to some, is that some people have seen unauthorized versions of Duff in Europe and other places. The studio has apparently be fighting these other versions over the years, until finally licensing their own contract brew.

The other big surprise, is that Universal Studios did not contract with one of the large macro brewers to make their product – instead, they contracted with Florida Brewing Company, who actually falls within the threshhold of a “craft brewer” according to the Brewers’ Association definition.

If anyone has actually tried the beer – apparently only available at their theme park, at least for now – please let us know in the comments. While we suspect it will resemble a cheap, adjunct brand, we’d be interested nonetheless in feedback.

In the meantime, here are some classic “Duff moments” from the show: LINK