Without much comment, here’s the latest “innovation” from the self-titled “King of Beers”:

Buddy Cup
Bow Tie Can

This follows up other big brand advances such as…

Punch Top Can
Vortex Bottle
Blue Mountains

What do all these expensive developments have in common? They have NOTHING to do with the actual product.

I find it strange that none of these progressive packages are found on brands such as Blue Moon, Batch 19, Third Shift, Shock Top, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually worked on making good beer with an honest label?

UDDATE (5/6/13): Even Stephen Colbert is in on this one, echoing our sentiments. Check out his report, clicking to about the 2:00 mark if you want to skip the lead in:

UPDATE (5/7/13): We promise to change the topic shortly, but Miller announces ANOTHER new package HERE. Is the bottle the reason anyone does or does not buy their product???