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So…do any of you use any beer apps?

We have to admit, we’ve grown steadily addicted to our Untappd app (which is free on both iPhone & Android smartphones), and allows us track, rate and add locations and photos into your log. You can also find, share & track friends (** shoot me an email for my I.D. if you’d like to become “friends” **), exchanging messages and “toasts” on different beers and reviews and earn “badges” for completing certain tasks. It’s pretty user friendly too and can be further linked to Facebook or Twitter, where one’s updates & beer “conquests” can be posted to a wider world.

We’ve further made good use of the BJCP app, which does a nice job of defining beer styles for reference.

Having sampled a number of other apps, I’ve found many of them unwieldy or lacking in users, which kind of minimizes the fun of them. A few are listed here, but there are others out there as well.

What apps are you using? What do you like and not like about some you’ve tried?