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We’re not above straying from topic around here, as this site is really about lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on the fermented pleasures, of course. That said, what goes better with a barley pop than a pie?

This little list caught my eye: TOP TEN CITIES FOR PIZZA.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pizza. Flatbreads with toppings have been around for centuries, with the more recognizable version coming with the addition of tomatoes upon their import from the New World after the 16th Century. The area around Naples developed the typical dish a couple centuries later and the “Neapolitan pizza” spread from there. The modern version, it may surprise some of you to know, actually evolved in the Italian neighborhoods of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia in the late 18th Century. Of course, many versions are ubiquitous nowadays with fast food style, Chicago-style, New York-style, stone oven and grilled varieties commonplace throughout the country.

One of my personal favorites is the Pizza Diablo at a little Italian restaurant in Salzburg, Austria on the Linzer Gasse. I’m not even sure the name of the place, but we stop every time we’re in town, where the same waiter always makes pleasantries with his heavily accented German.

Of course, many newer brewpubs and breweries are including gourmet pizzas and artisan treats on their menus, which is a happy trend.

What are some of your favorite pizza styles and places, preferably, places with great beer?