Central Waters Brewing Company
Amherst, WI

Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 4.8%
With a few International tastings in the rear view mirror recently, I’m taking off on a tour of
Wisconsin for the next little bit of time. My first stop is Amhurst, which is
home to Central Waters. Started in the late 90’s by a pair of homebrewing
friends in Junction City, this generically named brewery was built by hand and
has grown to fill its new present location in 2007.

They currently distribute throughout central Wisconsin and feature around 18
regular brews, a couple of which have won awards including a bronze at the
World Beer Cup in 2000 for their “Catastrophe Ale” tribute to Y2K.

One of their flagships has always been their red ale, named for a Native
American version of the state moniker. It pours beautifully red, with a big
bubbly head that drifts off quickly to a thin lace. Deep copper in color, it’s
very clear and clean. The nose is malt forward with a balance finishing hop to
clean it up, trailing off into a lingering, malty aftertaste.

This is very balanced and a nice session ale that would appeal to mainstream
beer drinkers, who are sticking a toe into the craft brew world, because it
still “tastes like beer.” The profile is malt based, without huge roasted
flavors or more than a hint of malty bitterness.

Craft beer lovers would also be satisfied when looking for a sessionable brew,
much the way a Bell’s Amber or Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold can hit the spot
perfectly some days.

While this is certainly nothing spectacular, it is absolutely solid by every
measure and would be welcome in my ‘fridge any time.