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While it is to be celebrated that this year’s festival is more popular than ever, as evidenced by a 12-hour sellout, this year’s ticket sales were not without controversy. Our suggestions: Allow member brewers to sell tickets and limit them to 2 or 4 per sale, which gives people a reason to actually visit a member brewer. Give preference to Guild Afficianado members. Skip the online sales.

The the lucky multitude with tickets in hand, today will be a special day, because this festival rocks. Even better, the MBG welcomes nineteen (!!) new breweries this year:
51 North Brewing Company
57 Brew Pub & Bistro
Beards Brewery
Blackrocks Brewery
Cheboygan Brewing Company
Cranker’s Brewery
EagleMonk Pub and Brewery
Filling Station Pub and Grill
Grand Rapids Brewing Company
Harmony Brewing Company
MIP Brewing
Mitten Brewing Co
Ore Dock Brewing Co.
Our Brewing Co.
Perrin Brewing Co.
Petoskey Brewing Co.
Pike 51 Brewing Co.
Rockford Brewing Co.
White Flame Brewing Co.

For the latest in who’s going to be there and what they’re pouring, click HERE.