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I ran across this great photo essay the other day showing decayed and abandoned breweries. I’m sure there’s tales to be told from each of these crumbling walls:


In our neck of the woods, there’s also some hidden history as there are several pre-Prohibition buildings that still exist, one that was a breweryPeterson Brewing Company (and later, Great Lakes Brewery) – and one that was an Anheuser-Busch bottling facility, which was never actually in service. All the other known buildings of that era – and the post-repeal breweries, of which there were at least a half dozen – are either razed or “renewed.”

Ironically, two “modern era” breweries have also disappeared in the past decade, including Grand Rapids Brewing Company (version 3) and Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse, both of whom have seen their buildings razed. The original location of Founders Brewing (then known as Canal Street Brewing) still exists, but is vacant. All the other recent brewing operations are either still in existence or home to a new operator today.

Of course, the area has never been home to as many breweries at once as it is today…and for that, we’re delighted.

How about your city? Any cool vestiges in your neighborhood?