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Talk about being stuck in the stone ages – no pun intended from yesterday’s post…

Alabama actually has a fight on their hands to finally legalize homebrewing, a safe, legitimate activity that most Americans have enjoyed freely since 1979.


I find the quote from Joe Godfrey, chief opposition leader and head of the Alabama Citizens Action Program, or ALCAP, most disturbing. You can read the full quote on the link above, but in part he says, “I’ve never met an alcoholic that started out saying, ‘I’m going to become an alcoholic.’ They start out socially drinking. They start out homebrewing and tasting.”

My response can be summed up thusly:

You, sir, are an idiot.

Memo to Joe: It’s already legal to buy beer, wine & spirits throughtout the great state of Alabama! In fact, that’d be radically easier and (at least initially) much cheaper than buying homebrew equipment, only to wait weeks to bottle, then secondarily ferment, so you can get hammered on your own beer.

A quick review of consumption and sales statistics would also back the arguement that homebrewers and craft drinkers consume LESS than drinkers of typical commerial beers, but don’t let facts and logic interfere with your “faith” that all homebrewers are future alcoholics.

Speaking of faith, is Joe aware that Jesus and all the Disciples drank wine? Or that the organized church was responsible for maintaining the brewing arts throughout the Middle Ages and into modern Europe? Or that the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth because they were out of beer?

Bottom  line is this: whether you care about homebrewing or some other issue, this is about basic rights to live free and enjoy your own legal activities in your own home, whether or not your neighbor would do the same. The next Prohibition may be something YOU enjoy, like french fries or an extra large Coke.

For more on the fight, click HERE for the actual bills and to lend support.