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Zythophile is quite simply one of the best, most interesting “beer blogs” out there and the lads tackle the “stout vs. porter” question with vigor. As a Bohemian-leaning brewer, rather than a patron of the Isles, I’ve always fallen into the homebrew camp of “stouts use roasted barley whereas porters do not,” but the evidence here presented debunks that understanding. A worthy read, including the comments.
– Max


One of the top 10 questions people who end up at this site put into search engines such as Google is a query about how to distinguish between porter and stout, something I’ve not actually tackled head-on yet. So – what difference is there between the two beers?

Er …


Not now, anyway, not in any meaningful way. I’m not sure that there was ever a point, even when porter was at its most debased, when you could point to any truly distinctive difference between porter and stout except to say that “stout” meant a stronger version of porter. Indeed, for much of the past 300 years, to ask “what’s the difference between porter and stout?” would have been like asking “what’s the difference between dogs and Rottweilers?”

Since the revival of porter brewing, or to be more accurate, “the revival of beers being called porter”, even the “different…

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