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As you’re planning your beer calendar for the year, you may want to take note of the “ten greatest beer festivals” in the nation, according to Beer Info.

We always pass along these lists with a bit of amusement, because it’s obviously impossible to rank the ten “best” festivals, but this is still a pretty good primer for some of the major festivals out there. As for us, we’ll kick off festival season at the Michigan Winter Beer festival, which has always been one of the most enjoyable events in my opinion – it isn’t ridiculously crowded and the outdoor winter setting & weather – complete with bonfires and festive winter attire – add a pretty unique atmosphere to the event relative to most festivals that are either indoors (GABF) or take place in summer or moderate weather.

Regardless, we encourage you to get out there and enjoy a few of these festivals. It’s often the best way sample some limited offerings from certain brewers and it’s definitely the best way to dip your toe in the craft beer culture.