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No offense to the opinions expressed on the following podcast, as I’m just using the “catch phrase” above, but I was listening to the Michigan Beer Scene podcast the other day and they began discussing some smaller beer shops having troubles selling craft beer “due to the economy.” If you tune in around 33:00 minutes, you’ll catch most of the discussion.

As we’ve been ranting in recent months, the little guys are getting squeezed throughout the vertical industry…which means it hurts retailers as well as small producers. The discussion contains the appeal to SUPPORT your local craft retailer – including the purchase of craft beer and other items – as many of these fine folks are the lifeblood of the craft industry.

I concur!

We need them as they’re the front line in the battle for consumer choice in beer, and they’re being threatened by “big retail,” led by folks such as Costco, the same as small brewers face challenges from the industry giants.

While these large retailers will likely supply customers with lower prices at times on certain large or branded faux craft beers, it will be at the expense of your fine local shop that is willing to carry popular AND “unpopular” or unique brands, along with many you may have never heard of. We need to support them, so they can continue to introduce us to what’s new and trending in the world of beer.

Thanks to the quality beer retailer!

And the beer wars continue.