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Happy New Year!

Hopefully, you’re all well recovered from your revelry yesterday evening. Of course, hangovers are for amatuers and people who drink inferior beverages. You welcomed a new dozen months with a favorite craft beer, I’m sure, so no worries there.

As you settle in today to enjoy a little college football with friends – or at least what’s left of the “college bowl season,” which used to be an event before the rise of the BCS and the push to a playoff – you may enjoy a sip or two of liquid bread throughout the day.

While college stadiums do not typically serve beer in their stadiums, there is plenty happening at the tailgate and in bowl games in certain stadiums. As you consider your tailgate beverage of choice, I thought we might take a look at the (over)prices beer at NFL Stadiums around the league:



(click on the photo for a link to the full story & report on beer prices)

Keep in mind, these prices are for macro-crap beer. I recall being delighted at a recent visit to an NFL stadium at finding Sierra Nevada on tap in one of the corner stands. I was delighted, at least right up until they charged me $13 for the pint. It was still better than drinking swill – which I refuse to do – but suffice it to say, I held the line at one.

We touched on this subject a bit regarding baseball stadiums in the past and it is nice to see that a few local options are slowly becoming available in professional stadiums.