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This was an interesting little online poll regarding a topic I’ve alluded to often recently:


As we’ve mentioned, many “craft” beers out there are actually made or owned by “big” guys or someone other than indicated on the label. Do you know who makes your beer? Do you care?

Here’s a short list for the two major players that may surprise you:

AB InBev (based in Brazil) – Beck’s, Corona, Michelob, Natural Light, Stella Artois, Hacker-Pschorr, Hoegaarden, Alexander Keith’s, Spaten, Skol, Presendente, Goose Island, Löwenbräu, Spaten, Bass, Rolling Rock, Staropraman, Modello, Shock Top, Leffe and other brands. They also own roughly 1/3 of the company that owns Widmer, Redhook and Kona.

SAB Miller/MolsonCoors (based in London, under joint operation) – Blue Moon, Killians, Leinenkugel, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, Castle, Fosters, Snow, Hamm’s, Carling’s Black Label, Henry Weinhard’s, Molson, Rickard’s and many, many other regional brands. They also physically make most brands owned by Pabst Brewing under contract, including Schlitz, Old Style, Lone Star, Blatz, and PBR among others.

It’s big business for these big brewers.

Again, in our view, supporting any of these brands by spending money on them hurts your local brewer, not just in terms of “competition,” but by reducing access to markets, resources, distribution, shelf space and market share.

I’d appreciate any comments here, but you can also vote on this very question with Charlie HERE.