57 Brew Pub & Bistro
Greenville, MI

Style: Stout
ABV: 5.4%
If the craft beer revolution is coming to Greenville, then it’s truly everywhere.

I’m in town several times a year and my friends in the area have been looking forward to having a craft beer alternative in town. Located on the site of a former roller skating rink, next to an American Legion hall and across from a Meijer store (a Midwest retailer that was actually founded in Greenville in 1934), this highly anticipated brewpub is carved from pole building construction outfitted as a casual dining restaurant with a centerpiece bar and a warm feel, including a fireplace at the entrance. They have what appears to be about a 7 Barrel two stage infusion mash system next to the entrance and the family owned operation includes the brewer.

I stopped in a couple weeks ago to sample some of their liquid fare. Unfortunately, the beers were somewhat disappointing on my particular visit. Most of their ales were pretty generic, with the same aggressive hop profile and – most likely – same yeast. Their “Double IPA” was swimming in Diacetyl, a buttery off-flavor, which had to be exceptionally strong to overcome the generous hop levels.

The best of the bunch was their Irish stout, the Dark Knight. Poured on nitrogen, it flows black with the expected sharp off-white head that stayed pretty consistent throughout the pint. The body was lighter, slightly sweet and rounded into a fair, balanced hop dryness. This was every bit as good as a standard Guinness – which kind of defines the style – and probably better, as it had a touch more sweetness on the nose. This was actually slightly above average and the best bet to start with on the next visit.

Regular customers told me the food is good, although we didn’t eat on our visit. It was somewhat telling, however, that only a couple people at the mostly full bar were drinking beer while we were there. Hopefully, a little time will help get things whipped into shape in the brewhouse because I would love for this place to be a success.