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My house is about equidistant from the Young’s brewery and the Fuller’s
brewery. This is no accident.”
Michael Jackson (1942-2007), not the singer.

I’m for sure you are referring to two separate individuals, one the antithesis of the other. One is a mellowing cervezaphile who likes to drink with the boys. The other is a bellowing pedophile who likes to drink up the boys. One is renowned for his refined palate while the other for this reclined pallet. One swoons for a beer; the other croons for a cheer. One has a taste for young ales, and the other for young males. One considers a half pint is too small, while the other thinks a half pint’s just right. One is interested in a brown ale’s balling, and the other in…well, you get the point.”
The Queen of Quaff discussing the two Michael Jacksons, Southwest Brewing News, Vol 2, No 3.