New Glarus Brewing Company
New Glarus, WI

Style: Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 4.8%
New Glarus is one of those breweries with a “mystique” about them, as they’ve
limited their distribution to their home state of Wisconsin. A similar strategy
has been pursued by Shorts Brewery here in Michigan. I first discovered them
about a half-dozen years ago on a trip across the state to Minnesota, when my
travel comrades and I scooped up a few six backs while stopping for a foamer on
the road.

Spotted Cow is their farmhouse ale – or cream ale, as I’ve seen some define it – and probable flagship brand, as they brew it year round and seems to be their most available brew, and the one that people talk about when referring to the brewery.

The beer pours like a somewhat cloudy version of a macro pale lager. The head
is thin & wavy, to compliment the dirty yellow color. There is a mild
fruity nose followed by a thinner body and light, prickly hoppiness, that is
just a touch more prevalent than a typical light lager. This is very drinkable
and would make a lovely session beer. The aforementioned mild citrus notes are
pleasing and balanced by an earthy body and lingering malt finish. I would
suspect there is a touch of corn in the mash.

While this is definitely closer to a macro beer than many of the brews
typically sought out by beer geeks, it’s easy to see why this is a good seller
as it makes a perfect “training wheels” brew, akin to a Leini Summer Wheat or
even an Oberon, which I would have no problem keeping in the ‘fridge on a
regular basis especially during the summer.