It’s only a matter of time before one of these cases is “won.” That verdict – absolving individuals of responsibility – will be the beginning of the end for the industry as it’s now known. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe it isn’t. Regardless, it shouldn’t be for a court or nanny state to decice, in our view.

When they came for cigarettes, no one cared if they didn’t smoke. When they mandated seatbelts, people said it was for their own safety. They came after fatty goods, foie gras, hot coffee, football helmets, Hooters and a ton of other products and services that affect small groups of people. Now, they’re after fast food, Big Gulps (which finally has some people pissed off)…and, in the aforementioned case, licensed retailers selling legal products.

The lawyers & politicians are after money and notoriety, of course, but the price to the public is steep, despite their protests that restrictive laws & regulations and punitive lawsuits “protect” the public. In some cases, they do…but they also make some great products and services unavailable that responsible adults should be able to enjoy or access.