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We’re not sure how we feel about this one: LINK

The argument – or debate – is as old as the craft movement: does it matter where the beer is made?

As Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams, allegedly said, “If Julia Child makes a meal in somebody else’s kitchen, it’s still Julia Child’s cooking” (or something to that effect), which basically says that good beer is good beer, regardless of where it’s brewed. Conversely, many consumers DO want to support “small and local” and are rightly frustrated to find out that “craft” is sometimes a marketing tool, rather than a way of life.

Regardless, the point of these guys success is somewhat unique – it wasn’the “outsourcing” that was key to their success in our opinion, rather they had an angle in their marketing, specifically the quasi-religious nature (and loyalty) of their brand, that other “contract” brewers haven’t had.

Still, the perception of contracts may be changing for the better, but for those few that are successful, there’s still the appeal of having their own bricks and mortar for their devotees to assemble, as Samuel Adams – the most famous contract beer – and He’Brew have found out.