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Y’know…I’ll stop in for some fried food once in awhile. I know it’s frozen crap and doused in sauces that you get from a jar, but it’s palatable for a ball game. There’s usually at least one local beer on tap and I barely mutter about the 40 taps handles, 38 of which are Bud, Bud Light, Bud Lime, Molson Ice, Miller, MGD, Coors Light, Lite, etc….but this is about as brain dead as you can be toward the only segment of the beer universe that’s growing.
Personally, I’m gonna relax and have a homebrew, but this is still pretty dumb as a “marketing” idea to poke fun at craft beer drinkers who are: 1.) willing to pay more for beer, 2.) tip better, and 3.) are more loyal to retailers who make the effort to serve them. Oh, snap!