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President Lyndon B. Johnson’s favorite drink may have been scotch and soda. He would ride around his Texas ranch in an open convertible in hot weather. He drank his “scotch and soda out of a large white plastic foam cup. Periodically, Johnson would slow down and hold his left arm outside the car, shaking the cup and ice. A Secret Service agent would run up to the car, take the cup and go back to the station wagon (following the President’s car). There another agent would refill it with ice, scotch, and soda as the first agent trotted behind the wagon. then the first agent would run the refilled cup up to LBJ’s outstretched hand, as the President’s car moved slowly forward.”

SOURCE: Joseph A. Califano, Jr., quoted in Presidential Vehicles. National Park service website. Inexplicably, Mr. Califano, now head of the anti-alcohol National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA), does not criticize either the quanitiy of the President’s alcohol consumption nor the fact that he drove a vehicle while impaired, which was clearly illegal.