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I was reminded of a few of my manual labor jobs while living in Germany when I noticed THIS article the other day about “drinking” during working hours here in the U.S.

While not advocating the practice one way or another, we actually thought nothing of keeping a half liter or two of our favorite lager close at hand to sip on throughout the day, and lunch breaks were my introduction to Radler (literally, “cyclist” as it’s mix of lager beer and German lemon soda was supposedly created at a near Munich beer garden as the proprietor was running low on beer, although opinions vary), the Bavarian answer to British shandy. Of course, there were it’s cousins, the Diesel (lager & cola), Flieger (weissbier & cola), and Russ’n (weissbier & lemon soda). They honestly aren’t bad, are low alcohol and can be pretty refreshing on a warm day.

Now, it must be said that I was working “manual labor” at the time and either walking or taking the train to and fro, but it was nice to keep oneself refreshed throughout the day. On the other hand, others have taken an entirely different tact, which, of course, we cannot condone…entirely.