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Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, IL

Style: Belgian Ale
ABV: 7.0%
Chicago’s Goose Island has seen a bit of head shaking since their formal alliance with AB InBev, but they still make some darn good brew. I almost never pass up a chance to belly up in their original brewpub on Clybourne Avenue in the Windy City for a pint or three.

In the past few years, their labels have evolved into series, with their high-gravity Vintage Series containing a heavy Belgian influence. Matilda is among these, as a Belgian Strong Ale.

Deep copper in color, it’s heavy on the fruit with notes of pear most prevalent. The head is light and soft, as is the body, but a silky mouth-feel is lingering as there’s almost no hop presence to balance the fruity sweetness. There is, however, a warm alcohol burn as this checks in at a surprising 7% ABV.

This is a very nice, consistent Belgian Ale.