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Here’s another article that totally misses the point, describing how beer drinkers are moving to “cheap” beer because of the bad economy.

Sorry, Bonnie, but BALDERDASH, I say!

Cheap commerical beer is shrinking! More Americans are moving to craft beer, which is NOT less expensive (per serving)!

What is actually happening, in my humble view, is that more people realize some of the positives of cans over bottles (easier to carry, store, cool, less breakable, more recyclable, etc.) and more people realize that cheap commerical industrial beer is still cheap industrial beer. Whether someone drinks a Bud Light – the nation’s #1 selling beer – out of a bottle or a can, they’re still drinking a Bud Light. Why mess with “fancy” bottles for a “cheap” beer, particularly when the big producers are marketing their new can technology (blue mountains, punch top cans, nitro cans, etc.)? [Side Note: Seriously, when they’re advertising the VESSEL instead of the PRODUCT, how good can it be?]

More licensed establishments are also frowning on bottles for their patrons as well. Golf course, ballparks, beaches, outdoor terraces, boats, and other establishments make you pour your beer into a plastic cup or serve it from the non-breakable can.

In addtion, while most craft beer is served on draft or from the bottle, more and more craft brewers are turning to cans as well for some of the reasons mentioned above.

In short, while cans may now the preferred vessel for U.S. beer drinkers, it’s a leap in logic to say it’s “because of the economy” for a 5% swing as the reasons are most certainly more varied and nuanced than that.