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You may remember this one:

Here’s to good friends,
Tonight is kind of special.
The beer we’ll pour
must say something more, somehow

These jingles were great and seem to be a bit of a lost art nowadays with commericals, although this one was not without some controversy due to it’s similarity to Michelob’s “Weekends Were Made for…” campaign at the time.

With roots into the 16th century, Löwenbräu (loo-ven-breau), meaning “Lion’s Brew,” is part of Munich’s “Big Six” and was once Germany’s largest brewery, although always relient on exports for their volume. The Lion was one of Germany’s earliest trademarks and the brewery’s Biergarten in Munich is also considered one of the city’s oldest. They are among the six “exclusive” breweries who serve their beer at Oktoberfest (more on that “controversy” in regards to Kaltenberg another time).

Having merged with Spaten-Franziskaner in 1997 (another of the “Big Six”), Löwenbräu and partners eventually merged with Interbrew, which merged again to form InBev in 2003. Now part of the world’s largest brewing conglomerate, Belgian-owned InBevAB are the makers of of Budweiser, Modello, Beck’s, Stella, and Hoegaarden, among many others throught the world.

In the US, Löwenbräu was contracted as an adjunct-brew by Miller during the time this jingle was popular. It was later brewed under braumeister supervision as an all-malt contract by Labatt for the U.S. market before taking over their own production (within their conglomerate) in recent years.