With apologies to Edward Gibbon, this is actually a sad tale to pass along, but I’ll do so with a bit of personal regret.

I’ve known Bobby Mason and his Michigan Brewing Company since he opened with the backing of his family and some of their real estate holdings right about the time I moved back to the States. I even worked there for a bit back in the beginning and patronized both his pub and his brands during his entire run. I’ve reviewed many of his products (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE) on this site. It is unfortunate that his business skills did not match his passion and enthusiasm as he was always “close” to taking the next step, but never quite managed to get out of his own way.

The loss of MBC is a loss for the industry and craft beer fans throught the state. It would be wonderful if someone could take over the place intact, pick up and build upon the pieces, but it’s more likely that its time and place is lost forever.

Regardless, in a well done summary, here’s the sad tale from the beginning to the end via the Lansing State Journal (you may have to delete their cookies or sign up to access the entire article).

DIRECT LINK: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/article/20120617/NEWS01/306170084?fb_ref=artsharebottom&fb_source=home_multiline

From what I understand, the auction of the brewery assets takes place tomorrow.