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I’m not sure how this one gets any space in one of the state’s major newspapers.

Here’s an update on Kid Rock’s BadAss American Lager. This is a wonderful effort by Mr. Ritchie, who is producing an “American light lager” in his native state, Michigan. He’s to be commended for his efforts, even it it’s not exactly our cup of tea (which was probably at least partially a brewhouse issue with contaminated yeast, rather than the intended beer) as he’s trying to be loyal to his state and his intended audience. It had been produced since 2009 by Bobby Mason’s Michigan Brewing Company in Webberville, just east of Lansing. However, this facility was recently padlocked and closed and it’s possible move to Fenton was been squashed.

Regardless, what kind of article is this? OBVIOUSLY they’ll no longer be producing beer in Webberville – it’s CLOSED! There’s no news here!! There’s no accounting of who this “journalist” tried to contact for comment…no speculation or thoughts on potential new brewing partners…nothing aside from a reposting of BadAss’ own notice on their own site.