Copper Canyon Brewery
Southfield, MI

Style: Altbier
ABV: 5.0%
To recite a bit from my initial review of the brewery, Copper Canyon is located in Southfield, Michigan, near the intersection of M-10 and I-696, although one has to drive over the river and through the woods upon finding an exit from the highway to find the front door.
Southfield is more or less a business district, full of office buildings, strip malls, shopping centers and tons of traffic. And this little brewpub fits right in, with a bright urban and slightly upscale atmosphere to accompany a hearty menu featuring all the “American” fare you’d expect from an Applebee’s or a Chili’s, but with a little local twist and a couple extra bucks tacked on the prices.
The beer ain’t bad either.
Their Copper Canyon Alt is one of their signature offerings, as one could surmise by the name. A perfect brown in color, this has a thinner body than a typical brown ale, more in the direction of a traditional northern German Altbier it’s supposed to be. There’s a lovely roasted caramel nose, and lingering glass cling that measured the sips down the edge of the pint. The balance was exceptional with a clean, sweet barley finish as this was definitely one of their better offerings