Millstream Brewing
Amana, IA

Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.7%
Millstream Brewing is one of Iowa’s oldest and most renowned craft breweries. I covered a wee bit of their history in my review of their Amber. Given my delight with the Schild Brau, I was pretty eager to try more of their offerings.
Their Iowa Pale Ale has joined the ranks of their year round selections over the past decade. It’s purposely not as “extreme” as some other pale ale interpretations, but it’s also pretty par for the course.
It pours a nice, deep golden in color, with a respectable head and has a firm Cascade hoppy nose, and is probably dry hopped. There’s a soft sweetness on the first sip with a sharp, dry bite and long, lingering finish. It’s very nice, clean, respectable and a fine example of a typical American Pale Ale … but nothing more than that.