Michigan Brewing Company
Webberville, MI

Style: Old Ale
ABV: 6.0%
As I’ve mentioned previously, Bobby Mason’s Michigan Brewing Company is a favorite oasis on a road trip as a refreshing trip to the tasting room is a perfect break on the way east or west.
On this trip, I sampled a few “seasonals,” beginning with a pint of Fred’s Old Ale, a winter warmer to kick start summer.
Fred’s Old Ale is a robust caramel in color and looked nice, aside from a very thin head nearly absent of foam. While this is not entirely unexpected in an English-style ale, the nose was nearly as flat, only a slight bit of sweetness in the aroma. The first taste was even sweeter, as this brew is very malty—almost too malty—with nary a hop nose. It does, however, drop off into a long, bitter finish. There was a hint of metal in the middle of the palate.
The weather was probably too nice for this one, but it was largely unsatisfying nonetheless. While not a bad beer, it lacked balance as its malty flavors and extreme dryness were flat and pronounced in opposite directions. In other words, there was nothing exactly in harmony and the results were borderline unpleasant.
“Stop it, Fred … you’ll make her tinkle!”