Monroe, WI

Style: Dunkel
ABV: 5.4%
I covered a bit of the Berghoff history in my review of their lager, and I’ve also managed to cover the remainder of their flagship beers.
While I was visiting, I also managed to try their Genuine Dark Beer. This is one of my favorite beer styles and I was eager to sample theirs as each of their beers has improved immensely since my last sampling in 2006. This one is a Munich dark lager and was, unfortunately, the least impressive of their lineup on this date.
The Dark is deep brown in color and has a caramel/chocolate sweetness on the nose. Lightly hopped, it balances nicely, but it was slightly lacking in body. As in their Red, I picked up a bit of DMS. Even worse, there was a lingering and prevalent tinny or metal taste, which could have been anything from bad glassware to poorly stored grains at the brewhouse. Either way, it robbed what otherwise was a fair effort of any potential.