Millstream Brewing
Amana, IA

Style: Amber Ale
Iowa’s Millstream Brewing Company was born in the mid-’80s as a partnership from a group of Amana partners, who built the brewery and their brands. They sold to new partners a decade ago and have grown ever since to become one of Iowa’s most renowned brewers.
Upon review of the 2010 World Beer Cup winners, I was impressed to see their name, so I decided to try a few of their products.
First up was their flagship Schild Brau Amber, which is a Vienna style lager. Deep copper in color, it pours lovely with a full head that sticks to the glass as you sip. The initial sip is malty and sweet (for a lager), with a gentle rolling bite of bittering hops. With another swirl of the glass and a sample sip or two, there’s a spicy herbal aroma at the nose—I suspect dry-hopping—that opens up a small dinner party in your mouth …not the Animal House type, but the cocktails and good conversation type of party. The layers are complex and interesting. Very clean, well balanced with an excellent body for two-row malt.
Quite simply, this is the best brew I’ve reviewed to date for this site, and one which I wish was more readily available nearby. Outstanding.