Half Acre
Chicago, IL

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 6.0%
Half Acre Brewing out of Chicago is one of the newer players in the Midwest scene. A group of partners started the label in working with Sand Creek Brewing out of Wisconsin to contract their brew starting in 2006, before acquiring their own facilities and brewing out of Chicago in 2008.
Their growth has been steady and dramatic, as their pints are readily available in Windy City neighborhoods.
Their flagship is their Over Ale, which is more or less a brown ale—they call it an American Bitter. It pours a deep amber or light brown in color, with a nice firm head. The beer is a little lighter in body than I expected, but is very clean, with a nice herbal head and spicy bittering finish. It’s exceptionally balanced and surprisingly tasty, aside from my initial disappointment at the lack of mouthfeel.
I was actually pretty impressed and can definitely recommend another few rounds. It’s also nice to have some quality brews coming out of Chicago, as they’ve lagged a bit in the beer renaissance over the past couple decades, Chicago Brewing and Goose Island aside.