Michigan Brewing Company
Webberville, MI

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 7.5%
Michigan Brewing Company has long been an oasis for cross-state pilgrims traversing the Great Lakes State on Interstate 96. Located at the Webberville exit (#122), it had for years occupied the “log” pole barn behind the Mobil station, with a friendly tasting room in front of the production facilities to welcome guests.
Several years ago, proprietor Bobby Mason moved the entire operation around the corner into the industrial complex behind the McDonald’s, where the pub was greatly expanded and now includes a full menu, free peanuts, some odd bar games and an always eclectic clientele. In addition, the public area includes a homebrew shop and collectibles store. The production facilities have expanded as well, to include a much larger brewing capacity, which has allowed wider contracting operations, along with a distillery and classrooms, many of which operate in conjunction with the distilling laboratory at nearby Michigan State University.
One of their longtime house brews is their High Seas IPA, which is also distributed in many areas of the state.
While MBC tweaks their recipes pretty regularly, this is a more traditional IPA, in the sense that it’s both high gravity and generous with the hops. Checking in at around 7.5 percent, it leads off a spicy Cascade dry hopped aroma and immediately warms the palate with a nice malty fullness. The sweetness shifts quickly into a sharp hoppy bite and rolls off the back of the tongue and into the exhale with a long, lingering dry finish. Classic.
If you’re into the huge IBUs, this one may be a little less satisfying than others, but for an IPA with a little more balance, this would be one to seek out. As MBC can be inconsistent overall, this is one of their best and most reliable offerings.